Viewpoints: a podcast about politics and culture in Canada

Most of the time, I help produce podcasts from behind the scenes. But, I’m trying something a little different and stepping into the Host role with my new podcast Viewpoints. Viewpoints is a show about ideas, really — the ideas that shape our politics and culture. There are some excellent podcasts that are already doing something similar, but they are in the UK and US and don’t provide the Canadian context.

Being a host is a totally different skillset to what I’m normally using when I edit episodes for clients. Hosting, I’m finding, is easier said than done! I have so much more respect for my clients who are able to conduct excellent interviews episode after episode.

I know the experience will add value to my clients as I help them create and produce their shows; understanding the challenges of putting yourself out there as a Host and having to juggle all of the hosting priorities: creating rapport with the guest, guiding the conversation to useful places, knowing when you’ve covered a topic and it’s time to move on…..

How to listen and subscribe:

Enjoy! I’d love to hear what you think!