I’m born and raised Torontonian, currently living in Toronto, Canada. Back in the day, I did my undergrad degree in philosophy with a minor in computer programming. That seems like a long time ago, now. I have broad ranging interests: from playing guitar, to meditation, writing and photography. I also like the outdoors: canoe tripping being my favorite thing, along with hiking the Bruce Trail. For 15+ years I’ve been freelancing in two main areas: web development and audio production.

Web Development

I started first in print and web design, but over time, added programming to my skillset. I like being able to see a project from end-to-end, and add features and functionality custom to my clients’ needs. I work primarily with small to mid-sized companies and non-profits from all sectors of the economy. I like the variety and I like helping people accomplish their goals.

Technologies that I work in include: WordPress, Single Page Applications with Vue/React and Jamstack approaches. I’m proficient in HTML, CSS3, PHP, SQL, NOSQL, (modern) JavaScript, along with dev ops that go along with the projects.

My company is called Sullivan Street Communication. Just as the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, I have not updated my company site in years.

Audio Production

Another area where I offer freelance services is in audio production. I help organizations create podcasts that sound great and keep listeners’ interest. I have produced radio documentaries, hosted a music radio show on Toronto Public Radio, and developed a couple of podcast series’ of my own.