Soul Survivor: From Toronto with Love

In this episode of Soul Survivor I feature a bunch of rare Soul music recorded in Toronto in the late 60s and early 70s — […]

Soul Survivor: 1968 Time Capsule

First aired on the Toronto Radio Project. A time-capsule episode of the year 1968 (in Soul).

“Beyond Endurance” and BBC’s Drama of the Week Podcast

This review first appeared in Critics at Large.

Soul Survivor: The Funk Episode

The 11th episode of Soul Survivor, on The Toronto Radio Project, is all Soul that has a heavy Funk influence. Listen the archived episode: SOUL SURVIVOR – APRIL 29 […]

Serial, and the new Podcast Revolution

In radio and podcasting circles, the rather geeky milieu that I travel in, there is a bit of thing happening. It’s a podcast called Serial, […]

Best Podcasts 2014

It can be hard to know where to start when looking for quality podcast content. Here’s a list of shows that I currently subscribe to […]

My new music show: Soul Survivor

Do you like Vintage Soul Music? Why not tune in to my new show Soul Survivor on TRP (Toronto Radio Project). Wednesdays @ 4pm  A survey […]

Buck, Naked

New episode of Sound Sausage is out. Sound Sausage is a project of the Canadian Sound and Story Workshop, a community of radio producers, podcasters […]