• Interview with Jeff Emtman

    Episode 5 of Sound Sausage is out – have a listen. This episode was produced and edited by yours truly, with help from JP Davidson and Kelly Jones. JP and I discuss radio production choices with Jeff Emtman (Here Be Monsters), and play a piece by him about a ‘trainrider’ who decides to quit. Enjoy. … Read more

  • Sound Sausage: exploring the art of audio storytelling

    I recently started co-hosting a new podcast (along with JP Davidson, and Kelly Hardcastle Jones). It’s called Sound Sausage and it explores the art of audio storytelling. Hear how the (radio) sausage really gets made… Each episode features a piece by an independent producer, followed by a discussion of how it all came together. A project… Read more

  • The Hitchhiking Stories Project #2: Feeling depressed and with family problems at home, Darlene thinks the solution is to visit a drug house in Amsterdam. But she has to get there first… [5mins] https://soundcloud.com/seanrasmussen/hitchhiking-to-amsterdam Read more

  • Veteran food writer Marion Kane tells the story of the first recipe she learned to make. It’s a touching coming of age story about growing up Jewish in London in the 50s and 60s… Recorded in my kitchen last month. https://soundcloud.com/seanrasmussen/identity-and-cheesecake Read more

  • Hitchhiking Stories

    In the 80s my friends and I (young teens 13-18) used to go on hitchhiking adventures. Don’t ask me what our parents were thinking. Maybe they didn’t know. Anyway, we had pretty great experiences hitching. I’m still friends with those guys and some of them now have kids that are in the age range that… Read more

  • The Fifty Shades Caper

    Two of my oldest friends find a stack of what appears to be brand new copies of Fifty Shades of Gray just sitting on the sidewalk. This is their story. Recorded on a vintage reporter’s mic from the 70s. 6mins 48secs. The Fifty Shades Caper Read more

  • Happy: The Media Fast

    Just a quick heads up. Episode 4 of Happy, the podcast is out! This episode is about people trying to develop a healthier relationship to the media in their lives. Technical note: I used a different technique for recording my narration this time. Instead of recording it and bringing it into the editor afterwards, I… Read more

  • Canadian Sound and Story Workshop

    The Canadian Sound and Story Workshop held its first beginners’ class last week. I co-hosted the session with JP Davidson. Getting Started: Telling Stories in Sound walked through the whole process of making a radio documentary. From story planning to recording and mixing. We played clips from This American Life, Radiolab, Jay Allison, and more.… Read more