“Beyond Endurance” and BBC’s Drama of the Week Podcast - May 5, 2015

This review first appeared in Critics at Large.

Serial, and the new Podcast Revolution - April 20, 2015

In radio and podcasting circles, the rather geeky milieu that I travel in, there is a bit of thing happening. It’s a podcast called Serial, […]

Best Podcasts 2014 - March 15, 2015

It can be hard to know where to start when looking for quality podcast content. Here’s a list of shows that I currently subscribe to […]

The Power of Audio Diaries - December 7, 2012

I’ve written about Radio Diaries before. The concept is simple: give real people some recording gear and send them off with it to record their […]

Storytelling: Old Art Form Thrives on New Platform - October 11, 2012

 There’s a buzz about storytelling these days — it’s a bit of a thing. The show that kicked it all off was The Moth, spearheaded by […]

The Joys of Random Tape - April 17, 2012

I’ve been learning to craft radio stories in the public radio style. That involves a lot of audio packaging… You take your tape and wrap […]

BBC Radio Doc on Canada’s Prescription Drug Problem - April 10, 2012

BBC Radio 4 documentaries are a regular part of my ITunes playlist. They run about 20 mins, and focus on one story — often covering […]

Pandemic: Radio Drama - April 1, 2012

Radio drama: Eclipsed by TV, Movies, and Video games it seems a lost art. But, in the UK, the art form has enjoyed decades of […]

Non-fiction storytelling with radio diaries - March 15, 2012

Hand over the gear to the subject What if, instead of doing interviews or tagging along with a subject,  you just give them the recording […]

Krulwitch on crafting stories that serve the truth - March 13, 2012

Storytellers, RadioLab fans, and media types will want to listen to the HowSound feature on Robert Krulwich (co-host of RadioLab). Krulwich, who is a master […]

CBC Ideas chimes in on the 99% vs 1% issue - February 10, 2012

CBC Ideas is presenting a radio doc called Left Behind, now available as a podcast. The 3-part series explores the growing inequality in the economy. […]

Radio Doc: The Tragedy of ‘Urban Renewal’ Programs - January 6, 2012

In Maine there is an intensive program on radio documentary production, called the Salt Institute. Each student must produce two pro-level pieces for radio. The […]

Prize Winning Radio Piece About a Beached Whale - December 18, 2011

I’ve was digging around the Saltcast archive for good radio documentaries when I found this 14 min documentary about a beached whale in Maine. Ten […]

99% Invisible Podcast: Explorations Into the Built Environment - December 13, 2011

For anyone interested in urban design, architecture and industrial design: I recommend listening to 99% Invisible. It’s a short format podcast (5-10min, usually), produced by […]

The Mind’s Eye: Independent Radio Documentaries - December 3, 2011

Whether you’re an avid public radio listener or Podcast addict, you’ll want to read this article. As a fan, you’ve probably come to love certain […]

Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Podcast - June 13, 2011

One of my favorite podcasts, Comedy Death Ray Radio, has just received a much-needed face lift. Re-branded with a new (and much improved) name, “Comedy […]