New podcast client: The Impulsive Thinker

The Impulsive Thinker releases two episodes a week, and has passed 200 episodes. Host Andre Brisson shares his insights into living with ADHD, as an entrepreneur. His guests include physicians, successful founders, coaches, and more. If you have ADHD this is a must-listen. He knows his shit.

I honestly think I may be an undiagnosed ADHD person, because I relate to so much of what he talks about. It’s so much fun working on this project, as I run my own business and I’m always getting great tips on how to improve how I work with clients and build the business.

Here’s an episode that is good for any business owner to listen to, regardless whether or not they have ADHD:

My role

They brought me on as a producer at about EP160 to help improve the sound of the show, and the process. By changing the mics and recording gear used, along with a bit more software processing, the sound has been tightened up. We’ve also streamlined the production process to ensure that deadlines are met without hassle.

I’m also working with them on building a promotion plan, and tweaking the show branding in the near future.