Hardcore Citizen – Kat Lanteigne talks with Kent Roach about Bill C51 - December 7, 2015

Did a bit of volunteer work recently, editing this amazing new political podcast created by Kat Lanteigne called Hardcore Citizen. In this episode Kat talks […]

My new music show: Soul Survivor - November 27, 2014

Do you like Vintage Soul Music? Why not tune in to my new show Soul Survivor on TRP (Toronto Radio Project). Wednesdays @ 4pm  A survey […]

Buck, Naked - January 16, 2014

New episode of Sound Sausage is out. Sound Sausage is a project of the Canadian Sound and Story Workshop, a community of radio producers, podcasters […]

Interview with Jeff Emtman - December 10, 2013

Episode 5 of Sound Sausage is out – have a listen. This episode was produced and edited by yours truly, with help from JP Davidson […]

Sound Sausage: exploring the art of audio storytelling - September 20, 2013

I recently started co-hosting a new podcast (along with JP Davidson, and Kelly Hardcastle Jones). It’s called Sound Sausage and it explores the art of audio […]

Hitchhiking Story #2: Darlene Varaleau on the Road to Amsterdam - April 25, 2013

The Hitchhiking Stories Project #2: Feeling depressed and with family problems at home, Darlene thinks the solution is to visit a drug house in Amsterdam. But […]

Food Writer Marion Kane Remembers the First Recipe She Learned - April 4, 2013

Veteran food writer Marion Kane tells the story of the first recipe she learned to make. It’s a touching coming of age story about growing […]

Hitchhiking Stories - March 8, 2013

In the 80s my friends and I (young teens 13-18) used to go on hitchhiking adventures. Don’t ask me what our parents were thinking. Maybe […]

The Fifty Shades Caper - February 8, 2013

Two of my oldest friends find a stack of what appears to be brand new copies of Fifty Shades of Gray just sitting on the […]

Happy: The Media Fast - January 3, 2013

Just a quick heads up. Episode 4 of Happy, the podcast is out! This episode is about people trying to develop a healthier relationship to […]

Canadian Sound and Story Workshop - December 3, 2012

The Canadian Sound and Story Workshop held its first beginners’ class last week. I co-hosted the session with JP Davidson. Getting Started: Telling Stories in […]

Happy: Laughter Yoga - September 26, 2012

Just published a new episode of the podcast that I produce, Happy. The bulk of the episode is a segment by radio producer JP Davidson […]

Julia Child’s 100th Birthday - August 13, 2012

This August 15th would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday and there’s a buzz about it in the food world. There have been a few […]

New Canadian Arts Podcast - July 14, 2012

CriticsAtLarge.ca publishes daily arts reviews, written by a diverse team of critics. They’re getting into the media game now with a new semi-regular podcast. I […]

Happy: Life Coaching - June 19, 2012

I’ve just finished producing Episode 2 of the new podcast series called Happy, Tiny Investigations into Happiness and the Good Life. This Episode is about […]

Happy: The Podcast - May 18, 2012

There’s a great new podcast, called Happy: Tiny Investigations into Happiness & the Good Life. But, I’ll admit, I’m biased: I’m the producer. But, really, […]