Reimagining the CBC, and Developing the Radio Farm Team - December 9, 2012

In Canada funding for our public broadcasting system, the CBC, is being re-evaluated. It’s easy for the issue to get politicized because right-wingers have long […]

Storytelling: Old Art Form Thrives on New Platform - October 11, 2012

 There’s a buzz about storytelling these days — it’s a bit of a thing. The show that kicked it all off was The Moth, spearheaded by […]

Supporting Artists in the Digital Sharing Age - September 27, 2011

Digital sharing has shifted the financial model for most creative industries. It’s a ‘disruptive technology’ as economists say. The question is, if we can download […]

Can You Trust Google Search to Find What Matters? - March 1, 2011

The recent JCPenny Google Search scandal has me thinking a lot about this question. A marketing firm gamed the algorithm and pushed JCPenny’s website to […]

Down with Economic Growth — Long Live Equality! - February 20, 2011

 In societies where the gap between the rich and poor is smaller, there is better health, more social mobility, less drug use, less imprisonment, lower […]

Ipod Dissonance: The Death of the ‘Liberal Class’ and the Benevolent Global Elite - February 5, 2011

Sometimes the sequence of podcasts on your Ipod creates cognitive dissonance. A week ago this happened to me as I listened, back-to-back to: Big Ideas […]

Find Your Job Meaningless? Karl Marx on Alienation - August 30, 2010

There’s a booming self-help literature that’s all about finding meaningful work and about creating the life you want. This reflects the desire people have for […]