• Happy: Laughter Yoga

    Just published a new episode of the podcast that I produce, Happy. The bulk of the episode is a segment by radio producer JP Davidson about a visit he made to a Laughter Yoga Club. Started in the mid-90s there are now 8000 Laughter Yoga Clubs around the world. I interview him for a bit… Read more

  • Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

    This August 15th would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday and there’s a buzz about it in the food world. There have been a few radio/podcast pieces about it, too. Here are some from Canada: Canadian Food Journalist Marion Kane’s series on Julia Child. Part one features biographer Bob Spitz, Julia’s long time friend and… Read more

  • CriticsAtLarge.ca publishes daily arts reviews, written by a diverse team of critics. They’re getting into the media game now with a new semi-regular podcast. I had the pleasure to help them produce their first episode. Critics Kevin Courier and David Churchill discuss HBO’s “Hemingway and Gellhorn” (11mins). Listen Now: Kevin Courier and David Churchill both have… Read more

  • Happy: Life Coaching

    I’ve just finished producing Episode 2 of the new podcast series called Happy, Tiny Investigations into Happiness and the Good Life. This Episode is about Life Coaching. The piece is done in the radio documentary style. 9 minutes. Listen now! http://soundcloud.com/seanrasmussen/episode-2-melissa-gets-a-life Read more

  • Happy: The Podcast

    There’s a great new podcast, called Happy: Tiny Investigations into Happiness & the Good Life. But, I’ll admit, I’m biased: I’m the producer. But, really, it’s good! http://happy-thepodcast.blogspot.ca/ Happy is a short general interest podcast, presenting stories from a wide range of disciplines. It’s produced in the style of public radio. Each episode is short… Read more

  • I’ve been reviewing podcasts and radio docs for a while. But, here’s my first attempt at making my own. Meet Ted. He’s 82 and he is due to renew his driver’s license. If he can’t pass — his lifestyle will be changed forever. Also meet Gil Penelosa, pedestrian activist. It’s 10 mins. Read more