• Podcast Launch: Culture Shift

    Podcast Launch: Culture Shift

    Just helped a client launch a new podcast today. Culture Shift is hosted by renowned executive coach Susan Pahl. In each episode we bring you a wide-ranging conversation with a thought leader in coaching and leadership development. Conversations go anywhere from the big ideas and trends facing leaders today, to takeaways and practical tips you… Read more

  • Iterations, the podcast

    Just launched this month, a new podcast by Sarah Planckaert that aims to challenge the way Canadians work. It’s an ambitious project and Sarah likes to play with the medium, making it a great learning experience to work on, for me. Sarah brought me on board to help get the podcast launched on Apple, Spotify,… Read more

  • New podcast client: The Impulsive Thinker

    The Impulsive Thinker releases two episodes a week, and has passed 200 episodes. Host Andre Brisson shares his insights into living with ADHD, as an entrepreneur. His guests include physicians, successful founders, coaches, and more. If you have ADHD this is a must-listen. He knows his shit. I honestly think I may be an undiagnosed… Read more

  • Is WordPress right for your business? Let’s ask ChatGPT.

    I’ve been curious about ChatGPT, as it is all the rage right now in tech circles. If you haven’t heard, it’s an AI that provides natural language responses to anything you ask it. So, I asked ChatGPT to write me a short blog post about deciding if WordPress is good for your business. Here is… Read more

  • Doing custom web development for clients using the HubSpot CMS

    HubSpot is CRM Platform with a lot of sophisticated marketing tools that I barely understand. Marketing people will have a much better handle on that functionality. But, in addition to a great CRM, they also offer a website CMS that allows you to create full web pages and blogs inside the platform. I’m just going… Read more

  • The Inspire Podcast

    The Inspire Podcast

    The Inspire Podcast, is an interview-based show on the subject of leadership, and communication, hosted by Humphrey Group CEO Bart Egnal. Now finishing up its 4th season. Over 100 episodes into a great series, and going strong. I was brought-on to the project right at the beginning, to help shape the show format, audio signature,… Read more

  • An app to make managing your freelance business easier

    I was using a variety of tools to manage time tracking, todo lists, invoicing, and expenses. I wanted an app that combined them all into one. So, I built one! Read more

  • Web design for sites that have a lot of ads

    Gripped Publishing is a Canadian sports magazine specialist with prestigious titles such as Canadian Cycling, Canadian Running, Gripped.com, and Triathlon Magazine.  It had been several years since the last redesign of Canadian Running, and there were several goals for the new build. Some of the goals were technical: using modern best practices to speed up… Read more