• Soul Survivor #15

    Soul Survivor #15

    Good mix of tunes. Starts off with three from Sly & Family Stone, and then a whole bunch of great tracks from the year 1970. SOUL SURVIVOR – JULY 22 – 2015 by Trp on Mixcloud Read more

  • Soul Survivor #14 – Northern Soul

    Episode 14 of Soul Survivor fucuses on “Northern Soul”, mostly from the mid to late 60s. SOUL SURVIVOR – JULY 7 – 2015 by Trp on Mixcloud Read more

  • Soul Survivor #13 – Contemporary Soul

    Six contemporary soul singers with a classic sound. Read more

  • Soul Survivor: From Toronto with Love

    In this episode of Soul Survivor I feature a bunch of rare Soul music recorded in Toronto in the late 60s and early 70s — in addition to well known Soul superstars. SOUL SURVIVOR – APRIL 1 – 2015 by Trp on Mixcloud Read more

  • Soul Survivor: 1968 Time Capsule

    First aired on the Toronto Radio Project. A time-capsule episode of the year 1968 (in Soul). Read more

  • Soul Survivor: The Funk Episode

    The 11th episode of Soul Survivor, on The Toronto Radio Project, is all Soul that has a heavy Funk influence. Listen the archived episode: SOUL SURVIVOR – APRIL 29 – 2015 by Trp on Mixcloud Read more

  • My new music show: Soul Survivor

    Do you like Vintage Soul Music? Why not tune in to my new show Soul Survivor on TRP (Toronto Radio Project). Wednesdays @ 4pm  A survey of great soul tracks–from the early Stax recordings through to the Philly sound. Tidbits of history about the artists peppered throughout.  I’m excited to be able to spend time with… Read more

  • Buck, Naked

    New episode of Sound Sausage is out. Sound Sausage is a project of the Canadian Sound and Story Workshop, a community of radio producers, podcasters and audio enthusiasts. In this episode we interview Andrew Norton, who attended the Transom Story Workshop in Cape Code in 2012. Kelly Jones and I talk with Andrew and play… Read more